Annie Lefforge is a designer interested in visual beauty and how it functions to make the world a better place. Currently at Handled.


Wurman compares today’s information to a tsunami – endless waves of data, with nothing (and no one) to make sense of it.

Our society is structured around archaic ways of thinking. Because we have parsed out separate career paths that everyone is expected to aspire to – instead of viewing knowledge as a holistic and multifaceted pursuit – everyone “stays in their lane,” never daring to incorporate other methods of research, knowledge and creativity into their practice.

I think that’s bullshit. Knowledge should be free-flowing. Design isn’t just about making pretty things, as Wurman highlights; it’s about understanding a problem, designing a solution and making that solution appealing and accessible to a group of users.

The architecture of information is fascinating to me. I’m all for the concept of putting design thinking first – but how do we get there? How do we shift our perspective from making things pretty to making things work?

LATCH is a useful mnemonic that I’ll likely come back to; we briefly discussed it in my class with Marty at the Rome center. It’s interesting that LATCH itself is a way that designers make sense of an “overload” of information. By creating mnemonics and other systems, we begin to separate the world around us into more digestible pieces.

These past few weeks of design reading have allowed me to think deeply about the designer’s practice as an all-encompassing lifestyle rather than a career path or creative hobby. To be a designer is to let your mind run together – to embrace the intersections of life, and to account for those intersections in your designs.

SEPT 2020