Annie Lefforge is a multifaceted creative living and working in Northwest Arkansas. Currently at Archetype.



I’m Annie. I’m a creative interested in design and how it functions to make the world a better place. My practice usually involves photography, social media and visual identities, but I’m always eager to expand my skillset. If you are interested in what I’m making, you can email me here.

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BFA in Graphic Design
University of Arkansas

Graduated May 2021 with minors in marketing and art history.


Content Coordinator
Archetype Productions | November 2021–Present 

Assisting with social management and content creation across online platforms – with a focus on Instagram and Facebook – for various clients. Working in an agency setting to collaborate and produce content through copywriting, photography and design.

Freelance Graphic Designer
Field Agent + Aisle 9 | May 2021–Present

Worked to promote Field Agent’s new on-demand marketing platform under the direction of Blake Chamberlain through various creative assets. Also created elements for Aisle 9, a digital platform founded by Field Agent to inspire women and elevate their daily lives through product recommendations. 

Research Assistant
Professor Alison Place | January 2021–September 2021

Assisted Alison Place with the launch of her book and podcast on feminism in design.

Junior Designer
Handled | October 2019–January 2021

Worked with brand director Celi Birke to create content for emails, website, and social media platforms. Became part of remote professional network, participating in weekly Zoom meetings and communicating on the company-wide Slack workspace. Promoted from brand intern after six months.

Sales Associate
Darcy Apparel | August 2019–January 2020

Worked weekend shifts to gain experience in retail marketing and customer service. Assisted with launch of in-house line by designing emails and editing promotional graphics.

Design Intern
Celi Birke Creative | May 2019–October 2019

Assisted local freelance designer Celi Birke by organizing files, researching imagery and iconography as well as observing various projects in order to adopt best practices in design. Took on smaller creative projects under Birke’s art direction to learn the full process behind a typical design project.

Design Intern
Art Feeds | June 2019–August 2019

Worked with local nonprofit program to create newsletters, posters + various branding assets during six-week summer internship program. Developed design skill set and learned about the importance of implementing creative programs in childhood education.

Creative Assistant and Social Media Coordinator
Savoir-Faire | April 2018–April 2019

Management of social platforms and various creative assets for Savoir-Faire, a local women’s clothing store. Styled models using new arrivals, photographed products for website and social media platforms, created graphics for Instagram profile, designed promotional emails using graphics and photo work, and participated in specialty shoots.

Distributed Proximities

A typographic identity for ACADIA’s 2020 conference, Distributed Proximities. The event utilizes complicated circumstances in order to view problems through a new lens, making the best of an unfamiliar situation in the spirit of innovation. In a similar light, this identity unifies unlike parts to reach a unique design solution. This reimagined conference identity was created as an exercise for my advanced typography class.


Form is our BFA Graphic Design class of 2021 senior show. This brand stands as a collective identity of our graduating class, and was made to showcase each of our capstone projects in an asynchronous on and offline space.

︎︎︎ Developed in collaboration with Molly Lebermann, Lane Kendall, Maddie Martin, Austin Woodward, and Madison Ragan.


A growing collection of work completed over the past two years with the team at Archetype, a creative agency based in Northwest Arkansas. My role at Archetype focuses on content coordination – primarily for our wine clients. Honing my photography, design and social strategy skills has been key to my position.


Link is an app that addresses the space between people in a post-pandemic world. It is also the result of my honors thesis investigation at the University of Arkansas and my senior degree project in the BFA Graphic Design program. 

Link began with careful research and a question: How might we create genuine long-term connections between young professionals by reimagining mobile dating platforms? I was inspired to create Link due to my own frustrations with dating apps. 

I started by reviewing the current literature on dating apps and creating a concept map to connect key themes from my findings.

After visualizing this information, I began to gather data through primary research. I gathered my data using three research methods outlined in Hanington and Martin’s Universal Methods of Design: surveys, interviews, and love/breakup letters. The data gained through these methods ultimately provided several key findings, including:

  • On average, participants feel more confident than vulnerable on dating apps.
  • Many participants no longer use dating platforms or severely slowed their use due to COVID-19.
  • An overwhelming majority of participants would prefer to meet someone organically rather than through a dating app. However, most believed that dating apps are a benefit to society and could be helpful and efficient in finding a future partner.

The result of this research is Link – an app that uses locations (rather than faces) to create daytime group outings. This solution allows for more organic meetups, lessens the pressure to perfect a profile and fosters genuine long-term connections – whether romantic, platonic or sexual. By removing images, unfair biases are taken out of the match phase. In this sense, the app has control over who attends each outing, while the user has the authority to establish a long-term relationship.

Aisle 9

Aisle 9 aimed to inspire women through curated products that elevate their daily lives. While working with the team at Aisle 9, I primarily designed creative for social as well as their blog. This included ongoing campaigns like Small Talk – a series of conversations with inspiring women – as well as the Summer Edit, which focused on Editor-in-Chief Anna Cottrell’s trip to Santa Fe.